We want to hear from you about how the design of the new park can reflect the communities, stories, and cultures of Malden. We are proposing “Celebrate Malden” as an explicit design goal and invite you to share your thoughts in this survey on how we can accomplish this:


Malden River Works
for Waterfront
Equity and Resilience

Malden River Works is a new project in Malden. We are building a coalition of community leaders of color, youth, environmental advocates, and government officials as well as designers-- eager for community input!  With your help, the Malden River waterfront can become a park for public enjoyment and recreation. We also will improve our river's wildlife habitat and our city's flood resiliency.

In 2021, Malden River Works will produce a completed park design based on the public's input.

Malden River Works
for Waterfront Equity and Resilience


Did you miss the second meeting? View this presentation link.  Review the park design concepts and add your comments on the google doc.

Past Survey:  Comment upon the three different design concepts of the Malden River Waterfront Park