The Malden River

Behind the Scenes

The Malden River is resilient.  Despite being buried underground, being abused by industry, and hidden from the community, the Malden River is an ecological home to aquatic life.  When the community realizes their treasure; the Malden River will flourish.  

Environmental Justice for the Malden River

Tri-City Community Action Program

The Malden River is Safe for Boating

Public Health Risk Study Conclusion

“In the absence of a rigorous health risk analysis, ‘stay away from the water’ has been the logical and appropriate precautionary advice given to the public in prior years. This report represents a breakthrough for the recreational use of the river,” said Kathy Vandiver of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Environmental Health Sciences (MIT CEHS) and a volunteer at Friends of the Malden River.

Boating Advisories for Water Quality

Is it safe to boat on the Malden River today?

Unfortunately, rain events wash pollutants from impervious surfaces (e.g. parking lots) into our rivers.  Generally, it is not safe to boat on the Malden River within 24 hours of a significant rain storm (over .5" of rainfall).  Estimates of water quality conditions are generated by an automated bacteria prediction model and by additional cyanobacteria testing during the boating season. The predictions are made each day at 5 AM and are valid for the remainder of the day.

Water Quality Testing

Is it safe to boat on the Malden River? Assessing water quality conditions is the foundation of Mystic River Watershed Association's work – they strive to answer these questions and more. They accomplish this work through several comprehensive and long-term water quality monitoring programs. The Malden River is part of MyRWA's water quality program.

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