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Malden Works for Waterfront Equity and Resilience awarded Norman B. Leventhal City Prize

We work hard to get our efforts noticed by the media and are so proud when this goal comes to fruition. A well informed community is an empowered one as well, so take a look at some of the latest coverage we’ve received below and help spread the word about all the amazing developments at Malden River Works for Waterfront Equity and Resilience.

Malden Works for Waterfront Equity and Resilience awarded Norman B. Leventhal City Prize

Malden, Massachusetts, is a city of neighborhoods, with a patchwork of public open spaces such as parks and historic squares. With a proposal that extends beyond these neighborhood spaces to activate an industrial area along the Malden River, Malden Works for Waterfront Equity and Resilience, an urban coalition, has been named the winner of the first Norman B. Leventhal City Prize.

A Revitalized Riverfront in Malden is Underway Thanks to Leventhal City Prize

The Malden Works Team will create a public space along the Malden River in Massachusetts to improve community health and recreation opportunities with a $100,000 grant awarded by the Norman B. Leventhal City Prize. Led by NIEHS grantee Kathleen Vandiver, Ph.D., the team of environmental advocates, community leaders, and government officials will work with the Department of Public Works to revitalize a city-owned parcel of land along Malden’s industrial riverfront.

Malden Works receives Norman B. Leventhal Prize to improve access to the Malden River

A Malden urban coalition has won a prestigious $100,000 prize from the Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism (LCAU) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that will be used to fund a two-year program of projects on the Malden River to create greater access to the river for Malden’s diverse population.

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